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19 Июн / 2020

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Nz rally driver bourne still in coma… 2/5 I am now in an induced coma. I am vnatyasastra.comery much in disbelief that my life will end like this. I am in shock that anything could happen. I have not slept for days. I don’t know how I will ever get myself back on my feet and able to walk and drive again. This is devastating. I will never get the strength to get up and do things for myself. I will not let the pain stop me, not now. I do not have the strength to do this on my own. I will not stop until I get all this out of my system. I am lucky I am alive. I will never live my life the way I want to. 2/5 So grateful the people of France have helped me get through this. 2/5 I am so sorry for how I have been treated. I am glad I am in good hands now. I wish I had been in the car when the crash happened. I am happy I was in the car but it won’t do me any good. I wish everyone who is involved were held to account. I have never been a good driver, so to have been so badly injured is not going to help me in any way. So sorry for the pain I have caused, I do hope everything will be alright. 2/5 We were waiting at a traffic light when the accident happened, we looked out of our window and saw the car and said «what happened?». Then we got on the car and we went through the crowd. I thought everyone was joking at this time, when all of a sudden someone from the rear crashed through all of our windows. I don’t know what happened to us but I will never forget what happened next. I felt liknatyasastra.come a dead man and was so scared I started crying. The ambulance crew came and took me away from there, they gave me oxygen and told me to wake up, I didn’t wake up but they found me about to faint. They helped me to my feet. My family asked if I had broken bones, and when I told them I could just try to put myself down, I said yes. I did. It is all a blur but I’m in good hands. I am grateful to everyone who has been giving me support and support from so many friends over the last few days. 2/5 I am happy to have survived the day. I will never forget the accident. My friends had a 바카라good laugh with me. I really think if I was not in the car this day

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