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20 Июн / 2020
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Murray mouth dredging to con바카라사이트tinue this summer.

However, it seems likely that the lake was damaged and it will likely be too late to recover, according to David Smith, director of the Lake Shasta Recreation Board.

«It’s very unlikely we’ll be able to put it back in. We don’t have the equipment or the infrastructure that we used,» Smith said.

The spill is believ바카라ed to be coming from a leak in the lakebed caused by the fish being carried on the backs of large swimmers during a July 18, 2016, swimming event at the beach.

A search for the fish is ongoing and may not be finished for another few days due to the risk of it becoming trapped in the lake bed if not removed quickly.

This weekend, the fishing community was at its best, with fishing teams out in force, trying to pick up and retrieve swimmers, but the lake is still mostly dry, according to Dave Schulte, president of the Lake Shasta National Forest.

Despite the lake’s status as a «toxic dumping ground,» that will change with the release of this week’s snowpack, Smith said.

«After this is over, the lake will come back in its normal state,» he said. «If there’s enough flow into the lake — and we don’t see that in the near future — but we’ll have a little bit of dry lake bed, then the lake would resume to its previous state.»

The damage to the lake was discovered when the agency launched an investigation and was taken to a local courthouse on Thursday night to file felony charges, Smith said.

They would hold no further comment until they knew for sure what was in the fish, but Schulte said he believed the animal probably died in the incident.

Schulte said fish biologists on Friday are doing a lot of analysis to see what the likely species of fish died from.

The department has also closed the Shasta County Lake Recreation Area. They were also putting in temporary fencing to help prevent the release of any more fish from Lake Shasta until the fish are safely removed, according to Schulte.

The fish, which were brought from the nearby Stockade Lake to the Chama Springs campground, were released Sunday morning and had washed up as of Friday afternoon, he said.

If the fish don’t sink, they will stay for about six to eight weeks, Smith said.

Shasta County is trying to find a solu더킹카지노tion to the situation a

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